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5. ‘So You Win Again’ This was the band’s only number one single, released in 1977.

How many hit songs did hot chocolate have?

In all, the group charted 25 UK Top 40 hit singles. Their single “You Sexy Thing” became the only track that made British Top Ten status in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

What hits did hot chocolate have?

Best Hot Chocolate Songs: 20 Tracks… Every 1’s A Winner

1 You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate 4:04
3 It Started with a Kiss – 2011 Remaster Hot Chocolate 4:02
4 Emma Hot Chocolate 3:52
5 Every 1’s a Winner Hot Chocolate 4:04
6 So You Win Again Hot Chocolate 4:31

What was hot chocolates first hit?

Hot Chocolate released their first single Love is Life in 1970 and the song went to number six in the charts.

Who was the guitarist in hot chocolate?

Harvey Hinsley

Who is Tony Wilson out of hot chocolate?

Anthony Wilson (born 8 October 1947) is a Trinidadian vocalist, bass guitarist and songwriter, best known for his time with soul and funk band Hot Chocolate….Tony Wilson (musician)

Tony Wilson
Instruments Bass guitar
Labels Apple RAK EMI WEA
Associated acts Hot Chocolate

Does Tony Wilson from Hot Chocolate have a son?

Hot Chocolate has many hits in the 1970’s. The bass had been left unplayed for many years and was in a pretty poor state. But Tony’s son, Dan, had picked up the guitar and was keen to have it restored so that he could learn how to play it.

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