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How many Winter Olympic medals has Ireland won?

Ireland at the Olympics
IOC code IRL
NOC Olympic Federation of Ireland
Medals Gold 9 Silver 10 Bronze 12 Total 31

Has Ireland ever won an Olympic medal?

Ireland has won Olympic medals in 6 sports – go here for a list of Irish medals by sport. Ireland has won Olympic medals in 13 Olympic Games – go here for a list of Irish medals by Olympics. Ireland has won 12 bronze medals in the Olympics – in total 11 Irish athletes have won a bronze medal.

What Olympian has the most medals?

Michael Phelps

What American female has won the most Olympic medals?

Larisa Latynina

Who is the best girl swimmer in the world 2020?

World Swimmers of the Year

Year Female Winner Nationality
2017 Sarah Sjöström Sweden
2018 Katie Ledecky United States
2019 Regan Smith United States
2020 Not awarded due to COVID-19 pandemic

What country is known for swimming?

1. United States, 462 Titles. The United States has won 462 Titles in international swimming competitions, including medals in the Summer Olympic Games. USA Swimming is the official body that regulates competitive swimming in the US.

Is USA good at swimming?

It is also rich, so it can afford many nice swimming pools. As of the second-last swimming event of the 2016 Olympics, the all-time Summer Olympics swimming medal count was as follows, with the population per medal in parentheses: USA – 553 (583,000) Australia – 180 (129,484)

Which country has the most swimming medals?

Swimming: Top medal-winning countries at the Olympics

Rank Nation Gold
1 United States (USA) 246
2 Australia (AUS) 60
3 East Germany (GDR) 38
4 Hungary (HUN) 28