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Is it worth getting a cheap violin?

Is it worth getting a cheap violin?

You can rent a fairly good violin at reasonable prices. You can continue playing for many years on a rented violin. Don’t buy a cheap substandard violin that will make scratchy sounds and have an inferior sound quality.. It will ruin your love for the instrument.

Do cheap violins sound bad?

At the most basic, it’s the materials and time. Your instrument was made by machines, likely is a poor quality wood, has low-quality varnish, and took no time at all to produce. Therefore, it sounds exactly the same as all the other instruments that machine made.

Why you should not buy a cheap violin?

If a violin has inferior components the sound, structural integrity, and playability will be compromised. A poorly made violin will be prone to warping, cracking, going out of tune, and just plain sounding bad. A beginning student needs a reliable instrument!

What is the lowest note a violin can play?


Can I learn violin in 6 months?

Violin is said to be there toughest instrument to play. If one have good dedication in learning violin with pure heart, her/she can learn very soon. Cramping and playing can be learned within 6 months of continues practicing for 1hr daily. It may take around 2-3 years of regular practicing.

What instrument is most in demand?

12 Musical Instruments That Lead to In-Demand Careers

  1. Electric Bass. Many people assume that playing bass is easy if you already know how to play guitar, but playing bass well is easier said than done.
  2. Drums.
  3. Keyboards.
  4. Oboe.
  5. Bassoon.
  6. Violin.
  7. Viola.
  8. Double Bass.

Which instrument gets paid the most in an orchestra?

Of course. The principal of each section is the highest paid. The concert master is the highest, followed by the principal oboe and horn.

Which is the most relaxing instrument?