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What happened to the dogs during the last night of the hunting contest?

What happened to the dogs during the last night of the hunting contest?

When they are found, the dogs are covered with ice. They have treed a fourth coon, and won the championship. Everyone at the tournament cheers.

How did Grandpa keep the coon up the tree all night?

Only Little Ann follows, and reluctantly at that. Old Dan flat out refuses to leave the tree. Billy’s grandpa has to carry him up into the buggy, with Billy hanging onto his collar to keep him from jumping out.

How does Billy get the money to pay for the puppies?

Billy works picking blackberries for two years and selling them to his grandpa until he gets enough money to pay for the dogs. The dogs are shipped and he has to sneak out at night and make his way to a town 20 miles away to pick the dogs up.

How did Billy get to Tahlequah?

Billy is overjoyed and cannot wait. He becomes so impatient that later that night, he decides to pack some food and get the dogs himself. He runs off that night into the mountains and heads straight for Tahlequah. He keeps the river to his left and the railroad to his right to guide him.

How far did Billy walk to Tahlequah?

20 miles

What is special about the way Billy finally names his puppies?

He notices the name Dan is larger and bolder which reminds him of the male pup, so he calls him Old Dan. The name Ann is smaller and neat, which reminds him of the smaller female pup, so he calls her Little Ann. You just studied 15 terms!

How did Billy decide on names for the two pups?

How did Billy decide on names for the two pups? He saw a tree with a heart carved on it with the names Dan and Ann. He name them Old Dan and Little Ann.

What good news did Billy learn about the pups?

What good news did Billy learn about the pups? Billy could et the pups immediately without a wait. Billy could have two buy pups. The owner would deliver the pups to Billy’s home.

How did Billy save little Ann from drowning?

The first snow has come, and Billy knows that coons sometimes play deadly tricks on hounds in snow and ice. When he no longer hears the bark of Little Ann, his blood freezes. Billy realizes he can curve the lantern handle into a hook and fish Little Ann out of the river with a long stick. He saves her.

What did Billy do when he couldn’t save little Ann?

What did Billy do when he couldn’t save Little Ann? He prayed for a miracle.

Why did Billy go to the store on Saturdays?

He is keeping track of the amount of hides Billy is bringing into the store. Every time Billy brings his coon hides to Grandpa’s store, his grandfather marks something down on a piece of paper. Saturday is “coon hunters’s day” when Billy listens to and shares stories with the other hunters.

Which dog did Billy think was smarter?

Little Ann

Why did Billy not want to kill the ghost coon?

The ghost coon then escapes up a tree. Billy climbs the tree but, when the injured coon cries out, knowing that it is about to be killed, Billy cannot bring himself to do it. He believes that a coon that has such a reputation and has lived such a long life does not deserve to die.

Why did Billy hunt at night?

Why must Billy hunt at nights? Coons only come out at night. The beagles can’t see well in the daylight. The weather is too hot during the day.

Why does Billy keep checking the handle on his lantern?

At the end of Chapter 11, why did Billy keep checking the handle of his lantern? He couldn’t believe the handle answered his plea to save his dog.

Why did Billy accuse his grandfather of tricking him?

For a moment, Billy is excited to learn this trick. Then he accuses his grandfather of teasing him. He reasons that the raccoon can free himself by simply releasing the shiny object and withdrawing his paw. His grandfather assures him the trick will work because the raccoon will never release the shiny object.

What does Billy do with the flowers from his sisters?

Billy leaves the house with some old, fake flowers his sisters had made a while back. He walks all the way upriver to where the Pritchards live with his dogs trailing behind him. He arrives at the fresh grave, and puts the flowers there, carefully, so that no one in the house will hear him.

What happens to little Ann?

Little Ann only has her shoulder wound, but Old Dan is hurt all over. Billy cries, and uses the dog’s blood to make mud which he uses to fill up the deep cuts long enough to get the dog home. She dies too, and he buries her next to Old Dan. Billy is heartbroken; he says that God is not fair.

How does Little Ann die in Where the Red Fern Grows?


Why did old Dan attack the mountain lion?

Old Dan is staunchly determined to keep the powerful animal treed, and the mountain lion is irritated by the chase. Old Dan and Little Ann begin fighting for their lives. Billy realizes they are no match for the powerfully vicious animal. In an effort to save his hounds, Billy readies his ax to strike the cat.