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What if we lived in a star cluster?

What if we lived in a star cluster?

Inside a globular cluster, there might not be enough building materials for a rocky planet like Earth to be formed. Even our Sun might have had trouble forming in those conditions. Binary star systems aren’t unusual in the Universe, but they are less likely to host habitable planets that we could live on.

What is the difference between an open and globular cluster?

Globular clusters are old clusters of stars that have remained in a gravitationally bound system. Open clusters are much younger and smaller than globular clusters. They are the recent birthplaces of new stars, which form out of clouds of dust and gas, and contain only hundreds or thousands of stars.

How many globular clusters are there in the Milky Way?

150 globular clusters

Which cluster is more distant?

Virgo Cluster

Which is the nearest big cluster of galaxies?

The Nearest Superclusters

  • Virgo Supercluster: This is our Local Supercluster – it is called the Virgo Supercluster because it is dominated by the Virgo Galaxy Cluster.
  • Coma Supercluster: The two major galaxy clusters that dominate here are the Coma Cluster (Abell 1656) and the Leo Cluster (Abell 1367).

Which star cluster is the oldest?

Getting ages for many star clusters has led to some interesting results.

  • There are star cluster ranging in age from 0 to 13 billion years.
  • The Young clusters are in the disk of the Galaxy and the youngest are associated with gas and dust clouds.
  • The Oldest clusters are in the Galactic Halo and Bulge.

Which star cluster is the youngest?

Deep Galileo (Telescopio Nazionale Galileo) B, V and I images of Segue 3, reaching V ∼ 25, reveal that it is the youngest globular cluster known so far in the Galaxy. A young age of 3.2 Gyr is found, differently from a previous estimate of 12 Gyr.

How can you tell how old a globular cluster is?

By placing the stars in a globular cluster on a Hertzprung-Russell diagram, astronomers can determine the cluster’s age by looking at the main sequence turnoff point and comparing it with models of stellar evolution.

Who created the HR diagram?

Ejnar Hertzsprung

Which types of stars are the oldest on the HR diagram?

In the image above, you can see a schematic HR diagram with plots of lines that represent the Main Sequence for a number of open clusters. From the location of the Main Sequence Turn-Off, you can see that NGC 2362 is the youngest, then h & χ Persei, and M67 is the oldest of the clusters.

What is the classification of star is the coolest?

The spectral sequence is also a colour sequence: the O- and B-type stars are intrinsically the bluest and hottest; the M-, R-, N-, and S-type stars are the reddest and coolest.