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What language did bungaree speak?

What language did bungaree speak?

Despite the lack of a common language, the indigenous people persistently sought Bungaree out to speak to instead of Flinders.

Why is bungaree famous?

Bungaree became the first known Aboriginal person to circumnavigate Australia and contribute to the mapping of the Australian coastline.

Who gave Australia its name?

explorer Matthew Flinders

Where was bungaree buried?

Rose Bay

Did bungaree have a family?

Bungaree had several wives, one of whom was named Matora; Cora Gooseberry became his principal wife, with the title of queen. In 1815 Governor Lachlan Macquarie set up the fifteen members of Bungaree’s group on a farm at George’s Head with huts, implements, stock and convict instructors.

How old was bungaree at death?

55 years (1775–1830)

Where did bungaree die?

Garden Island, Potts Point, Australia

What happened Archie Roach?

On 14 October 2010, Roach suffered a stroke while working in the Kimberley region. After recuperating, he returned to live performance in April 2011. He has also survived lung cancer, due to early diagnosis in 2011 and major surgery.

Did aboriginals have a king?

Aboriginal breastplates (also called king plates or aboriginal gorgets) were a form of regalia used in pre-Federation Australia by white colonial authorities to recognise those they perceived to be local Aboriginal leaders. Aboriginal people did not traditionally have kings or chiefs.

What did bungaree wear?

Dressed in an old military jacket, tattered trousers and his trademark hat, he climbed on board to welcome newcomers to ‘his’ country. Doffing his hat, bowing deeply and grinning widely, Bungaree would ask to drink the captain’s health in rum or brandy.

How did bungaree help shape the colony?

By the time Bungaree was in his early 20s, huge swathes of the indigenous people who had lived in Australia for tens of thousands of years had been wiped out. It was here where he began establishing himself as a central figure in the new colony – able to move between his own people and the newcomers.