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What role did men and women among plain Indians share?

What role did men and women among plain Indians share?

Men were generally responsible for hunting, warfare, and interacting with outsiders, therefore they had more visible, public roles. Women, on the other hand, managed the internal operations of the community.

What negative effect did gold and silver mining have in the West?

Sin, Prostitution (there are a number of books on this effect of gold/silver miners, economic units fractred (whole towns disappeared), and related to Gold extraction, many enthronements were destroyed by the cyanide recovery process.

What negative effect did gold and silver mining have in the West quizlet?

What negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the West? Ghost towns were left behind after the mines stopped producing. The American Federation of Labor differed from the Knights of Labor in that it. included several trade unions.

What negative effect did mining have in the West?

Western mining wrought havoc on the local environment. Rock dust from drilling was often dumped into river beds, forming silt deposits downstream that flooded towns and farmlands. Miners and farmers were often at loggerheads over the effects of one enterprise on the other.

Why was mining important to the West?

The Draw to the West: Miners were drawn to the West in 1859 because they found gold and silver in western Nevada. This became known as the Comstock Lode which was named after Henry Comstock. Since mining had become such an important business in the West, their working conditions became even more dangerous than before.

What were the dangers of the gold rush?

There were many hardships, struggles and dangers at sea, terrible storms , inadequate food and water , rampant diseases , overcrowding boats , and shipwrecks.

Why is it dangerous to move Gold California?

Eventually, most gold seekers took the over-land route, which held its own dangers, across the continental United States. Typhoid fever and Cholera ran rampant at some stages of the California gold rush.

What hardships did the 49ers face in California?

The “forty-niners” recorded the challenges, hardships, struggles, and dangers they encountered in diaries and letters: terrible storms, inadequate food and water, rampant diseases, overcrowding, and shipwrecks.

Where did most 49ers come from?

While most of the newly arrived were Americans, the gold rush attracted thousands from Latin America, Europe, Australia, and China. Agriculture and ranching expanded throughout the state to meet the needs of the settlers.

Why was there so much gold in California?

Gold became highly concentrated in California, United States as the result of global forces operating over hundreds of millions of years. Volcanoes, tectonic plates and erosion all combined to concentrate billions of dollars’ worth of gold in the mountains of California.

Who were the 49ers in American history?

The 49ers, most of whom were men, came from the eastern United States as well as other parts of the globe, including Europe, China, Mexico and South America. By the mid-1850s, more than 300,000 people had poured into California.

Who were the real 49ers?

The Death Valley ’49ers were a group of pioneers from the Eastern United States that endured a long and difficult journey during the late 1840s California Gold Rush to prospect in the Sutter’s Fort area of the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada in California.

How did the 49ers travel?

Forty-niners usually traveled in covered wagons pulled by oxen or mules. A few rode horses. Once they passed frontier towns like Independence, Missouri, they entered the wilderness. Many of the forty-niners were from cities like Boston or New York.

What were the 3 main routes to get to California?

There were a number of routes to take to California. Chinese miners sailed across the Pacific Ocean, spending up to two months making the trip in small boats. The three main routes used by American gold seekers were the Oregon -California Trail, the Cape Horn route, and the Panama shortcut.

What were people called who rushed to California in search of gold?


What was the main reason for Travellers going to California?

People came for reasons including economics, adventure, health, and ideas like Manifest Destiny. In the prosperity of the early 1830s, Americans speculated wildly in land, which ended in the Panic of 1837 and a subsequent depression.

Why it is called Silk Road?

The Silk Road earned its name from Chinese silk, a highly valued commodity that merchants transported along these trade networks. The opening of more trade routes caused travelers to exchange many things: animals, spices, ideas, and diseases.

What are the two main routes on Silk Road?

The Silk Road originated in Chang’an, the ancient capital of China, and went along the northern Tien-Shan to Dunhua, the city near the Great Wall of China. There the single road split bordering the Taklamakan desert from the north and the south. The northern way went through Turfan to the Ili river valley.