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Who runs Guantanamo Bay?

Who runs Guantanamo Bay?

United States Navy

How many camps are in Guantanamo Bay?

It is composed of detention camps 1 through 6, Camp Platinum, Camp Iguana, the Guantanamo psychiatric ward, Camp Echo and Camp No. The prisoners, referred to as detainees, have uncertain rights due to their location not on American soil.

When was Guantanamo Bay detention camp opened?


How big is a cell in Guantanamo Bay?

Lockdown is generally limited to four hours a day, typically from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. During those periods, the prisoners go inside their 86-square-foot cells, behind two doors, a control room locks them in and the soldiers come onto the blocks. If there is a need, they search a cell or prisoner.

What is the rendition program?

Thus, the rendition program has allowed agents of the United States to detain foreign nationals without any legal process and, primarily through counterparts in foreign intelligence agencies, to employ brutal interrogation methods that would be impermissible under federal or international law, as a means of obtaining …

What is a rendition attempt?

Extraordinary rendition, also called irregular rendition or forced rendition, is the government-sponsored abduction and extrajudicial transfer of a person from one country to another with the purpose of circumventing the former country’s laws on interrogation, detention, extradition and/or torture.

What is a rendition order?

In law, rendition is a “surrender” or “handing over” of persons or property, particularly from one jurisdiction to another. For criminal suspects, extradition is the most common type of rendition. Rendition can also be seen as the act of handing over, after the request for extradition has taken place.

What’s extraordinary rendition mean?

Extraordinary rendition, extrajudicial practice, carried out by U.S. government agencies, of transferring a prisoner to a foreign country for the purposes of detention and interrogation.

When did extraordinary rendition start?


What is a rendition flight?

March 14, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. PDT. From 2001 to 2005 the United States ran a global network to transfer terrorism suspects to secret detention sites across the world. Known as “extraordinary rendition operations,” these missions used private civilian aircrafts to conceal detainee transfers.

What is political rendition?

Rendition, as described above, is the basic “act of surrendering an individual to a foreign government, in the absence of any treaty.”6 While extraordinary rendition is, “the use of force, rather than legal process, to take suspected ‘terrorists’ from one country to another for purposes of detention and interrogation.” …

What is the the US anti terrorism policy known as rendition?

Rendition is the practice of detaining a terrorist operative in a foreign country and transferring him or her to the United States or to another foreign country. It has proved to be an effective way to take terrorists off the street and collect, on occasion, some valuable information.

What planes do the CIA use?

“The registered owners of both planes [Boeing 737, N313P, and Gulfstream V, N379P] appear to be CIA front companies.

What airport does the CIA use?

Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport
Airport type Public
Owner City of Mena
Serves Mena, Arkansas
Elevation AMSL 1,080 ft / 329 m

What is a CIA front company?

Intelligence agencies use front organizations to provide “cover”, plausible occupations and means of income, for their covert agents. Brewster Jennings & Associates was a front company set up in 1994 by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a cover for its officers.

Who owned Air America?

Central Intelligence Agency